Italian Duo Pack

Italian Duo Pack

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If you had to choose just one Italian wine to wash down the perfect plate of vongole, calamari or oysters by the coast, it would be a gorgeous fresh Soavé (pronounced swar-vay)! It’s made predominantly from the garganega grape and is made not surprisingly in the vineyards surrounding a small town named Soavé, in the heart of Veneto’s wine making country. It’s as fresh as grandma’s garden, has floral notes laced with melon and peach, has a palate of citrus and honey dew melon. It has refreshing acid but not too racy. It also has a gorgeous texture and mouth feel. You could drink this wine all day! And no need to pack the antacids! The red is from the iconic Chianti district in Tuscany where wine making has occurred for almost three millennia. It’s made with almost entirely sangiovese fruit and, like the Soavé, it is hand-picked and organically produced. It beautifully showcases the classic Tuscan earthiness, soured fruits, and Christmas pudding notes of dates and prunes. It’s smooth with gorgeous rounded tannins ready to team up with a perfect plate of spicy Italian sausage pasta or a salami and tomato crispy Roma pizza. Bellissimo!!