Ruhlmann Alsace Pinot Blanc 2018

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Possibly the most drinkable wine on the planet! Perfect introduction to the iconic Alsace region to any Aussie. Beautifully textured. Peaches, bubble gum and lychees abound. Bloody gorgeous!

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Ruhlmann Alsace Pinot Blanc 2018

The Alsace region is famous for producing some of the finest pinot blanc, pinot gris, riesling, and gewürztraminer in the world. The Ruhlmann family has been producing wine in Alsace since 1688, descendants of a Hungarian Knight.

This superbly produced pinot blanc of theirs may well be one of the easiest drinking wines on the planet! It is soft and rounded without excess raciness or acid, hits you immediately with that bubble gum aroma often more associated with its sibling pinot gris. It also has a heap of stone fruit and bubble gum on the nose, all this again along with lychees on the palate. This is one of those wines you could drink all day. You just never tire of it. If you haven’t yet experienced Alsace at its best and freshest, this is a perfect place to start. We loved this one so much, we poured a second glass on a long tasting day!

We matched it with pork and veal san choy bau (click for recipe). What a ripper treat that was! This wine is super versatile when it comes to food, so you could match it with a ton of dishes. Check out our food matcher for some tips.

Popsy & JJ tasted and food matched March 2021


We tasted this in an aromatic glass. Parfait!


Drink now or cellar for another 2 or 3 years if you want a touch more honey on the palate.
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Popsy says

This may well be the easiest drinking wine on the planet!

JJ says

This wine just kept on giving. Each glass was such a joy to drink that I had to open a second bottle I was enjoying it so much.

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Pork and veal san choy bau