Super Tuscan Wines

Why Does the World Rave So Much about Super Tuscan Wines?!

‘Super Tuscan’ wine is a term you hear people rave on about all over the world now. It has generated a global cult following. Essentially it is the relatively new concept, derived from the 70’s, where some renegade vignerons started growing Bordeaux grapes on Tuscan soil, such as merlot, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc. Some of the wines produced caught the attention of the world and the rest is history!

Super Tuscan wine now has its own classification –Indicazione Geographica Tipica or simply IGT. A well picked bottle is one of the special joys in life. It melds so seamlessly that rustic Tuscan earthiness derived from those alluvial soils with perfectly elegant Bordeaux grape varieties. A well-chosen Super Tuscan is a death row drink paired with a perfect steak or a rich pasta.

Popsy and JJ, Australia’s leading European wine reviewers recently sampled a superb example Rignana IGT Super Tuscan ‘Il Riccio’ Organic 2015 and rated it 97 out of 100 points.