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Welcome to Popsy & JJ’s artisan wines from the globe, where we have just launched our best wines selected from thousands tasted! These are exclusively available here – you won’t find them anywhere else.

We set out on a mission to find the best artisan wines from around the world that you just can’t buy here in Australia. In 2019 we went on a journey through Italy and France, tasting over two thousand wines (tough job but someone's gotta do it!) in search of the very best to bring back to you. All our selected producers are small, artisan, historic growers that make wine with absolute passion and meticulous care. These wines are the product of literally thousands of years of viticulture. We are now thrilled to present to you the best wines exclusively selected, reviewed and imported by us. You won't find them anywhere else. We hope that you will join us on our journey through Europe and enjoy with us these liquid treasures we have brought back home.

Our online shop is a place where all Aussie wine lovers can explore some iconic, historic global wine regions. We welcome you to browse and hopefully select a few special drops for your own homes. We’d love you to share these wines with your family and friends and tell us what you think. We know everyone’s taste buds are unique - like your fingerprints. You’ll hear us talk about how ‘your 95 out of 100 is probably not Popsy’s 95 and probably not JJ’s’!

For us, this business is a work of passion after having enjoyed wine for several decades. We could never understand why Aussies never really had any proper access to global wines, despite the fact that 95% of the world’s wines are made outside of Australia.

Every wine has been personally selected and reviewed by us and has accompanying written and video reviews. In our reviews we talk about what’s in the glass, the wine maker’s story, the history of the region, and the best food matches. Come with us, take a trip overseas, and enjoy the adventure!

Cheers, Popsy & JJ🥂

Our Story

We, Paul ‘Popsy’ Farrell and Jonathon ‘JJ’ Curry, met over 15 years ago. We hit it off immediately! Our love of good food and wine of the world was an immediate common interest. Both of us are fathers – 7 kids between us and both passionate home cooks.

Living in different cities just meant travelling to and from Melbourne and Sydney for our regular catch ups. After catching up at a mutual friend’s farm in Shepparton Victoria, and chewing the fat over a few long lunches in Melbourne, some of which turned into nights, it became apparent that there was a lasting bond between us, besties. Often these chats would take place at a restaurant with amazing food and wine or at each other’s homes with home cooking and carefully selected wines to match the food. Invariably discussions would centre on the challenges of raising kids, getting through divorces, the weather, politics or whatever else came up in our long and often diverse discussions. Nothing is off limits. During some of these recent chats, always with a glass of wine in hand, we often joked about podcasting some of the more wild discussions we had usually while in fits of laughter, tears rolling down our cheeks.

Somewhere in these discussions was always our mutual passion for great food and wine and the challenges of Australian wine drinkers gaining access to beautiful artisan wines from the globe. It was always an interesting fact to us that Australia accounted for less than 5% of the world wine production yet Australians drank predominantly Australian wine, often not discovering the magic of many other wonderful wine growing regions around the world accounting for the other 95% of production.  Many of these regions have been cultivating their land for wine for literally millenniums and their history is so rich and deeply intertwined with food and family. 

Fast forward to 12 months before the Popsy & JJ launch, plans began in earnest of how to conceptualise bringing amazing artisan wines to the Australian market.  Of course discussions once again took place over long lunches and even longer dinners!  That is when our minds are at our imaginative best.  At least that’s what we tell our families!

So Popsy & JJ was born! We now invite you into our world of global artisan wines for every wine lover. We hope you enjoy a fun and historic journey as much as we enjoy bringing these wines to you!

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