Fabiano 'Le Coste' Soavé DOC 2018

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For any Aussie that has not sampled an Italian Soavé (pronounced swarr-vay) this is an absolute must. Mid weight, floral, exotic, tropical, just lovely. And a ridiculously good price!!

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Fabiano 'Le Coste' Soavé DOC 2018

You can just imagine drinking this wine on a sunny day by the water in Venice or, for the slightly more adventurous, on the Amalfi coast paired with some pipis or oysters. It is clean, crisp and delicious, full of citrus flavour yet somehow magically without any harsh bite. There is a heap of floral aromas on the nose like grandma’s garden! There is more texture than say a Clare Valley riesling but less than your typical wooded chardonnay. It comes as fresh as mum’s daisies and calls for any seafood pairing on a sunny day. Soavé also ages well and maintains its freshness for a good 7 years. Wooded Soavé can live for well over a decade in a good cellar.

The one is a session wine and you could honestly drink it all day without rushing for a Zantac! Soavé is grown around the roving hills of a small town not surprisingly called Soavé, east of Verona nestled within the Veneto wine region of Italy. The principal grape is garganega which has been harvested for centuries although up to 30% of the blend can come from Trebbiano di Soavé under DOC regulations. Soavé is drunk all over Italy, in fact the world over. In the 70’s Soavé outsold Chianti in the US market!

In our wine tasting, we paired the Fabiano ‘le Coste’ 2018 with some pipis cooked in a chilli, shallot, garlic, and white wine sauce (click for recipe). It was a match made in heaven! We drank ours from an aromatic glass, but you could probably get away with a Bordeaux glass. Check out the video review above.

Popsy & JJ tasted and food matched September 2022




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Popsy says

It is an obligation of life to have this wine with pipis by the sea!

JJ says

This wine transported me back to the Italian coast. It is a fresh, clean, easy drinking white that I could sit and drink all day!

Try it with...

Beef stir fry

Garlic, butter and chilli prawns

BBQ calamari

Char grilled octopus with garlic and olive oil

Pippies with a chilli, shallot, garlic white wine sauce

Scallops with a white wine and butter sauce