Elio Filippino Barolo DOCG 'La Morra' 2015

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Barolo is a global legend among wine lovers. 100% nebbiolo and typically with the texture of fuller bodied pinot. This one seduces with unctuous notes of Christmas pudding and earth.

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Elio Filippino Barolo DOCG 'La Morra' 2015

Just about everyone on the planet has heard of this wine called Barolo. If you want to know what all the fuss is about, then this is a must-have. They have been perfecting the art of making wine just outside a small town called Barolo, nestled within the famed Piedmont region, since the 1300’s. It is made frm 100% nebbiolo grapes, has incredible pinot-like texture, and rolls around in the glass a bit like mercury, if you can remember year 8 science!

This one has those amazing Christmas pudding notes, melded with that famous unique earthiness you get with Piedmont nebbiolo. It has a lingering palate that just goes on for minutes. You find yourself cupping your glass and smelling it and tasting it like you would a brandy. Speaking of which, we found a Burgundy glass works best to bring out the amazing perfume of this wine. It has amazing tannins that completely coat the insides of your cheeks and tongue. Yet they are silky soft. So, it makes sense that it would be an amazing and quite versatile drop with food.

We paired it with pork belly (click for recipe), which was incredible, but you could just as easily match it with a rich pasta, gourmet pizza, or your favourite cut of meat char grilled on a barbie. This is a wine to savour after each mouthful. And it gets better and better with time in the decanter and glass.

Popsy & JJ tasted and food matched June 2021




Drink now or hold it back for 20 years if you have the patience, or if you tend to buy more wine than you can drink!


Please decant this puppy for 3 or 4 hours to let it properly open up!
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Popsy says

Barolo has got to be the most talked about wine on the planet! Here is an amazing example that will show you why!

JJ says

Of course this Barolo is for special occasions. I just find something special to celebrate every day so I can open up this beauty.

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Linguini with mushroom, ham, white wine, garlic and cream

Pork and fennel spicy sausage pasta

Pan fried duck with plum sauce

BBQ fillet of venison with cranberry and grenache jus

Pork belly