Domaine Saget Pouilly-Fumé 2017

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Full bodied white with gorgeous texture, expected to peak 2022-2025. Lush notes of apricots, peaches and cream. Pouilly-Fume is an epochal subregion of the famed Loire Valley. Serious wine.

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Domaine Saget Pouilly-Fumé 2017

If there is only one sauvignon blanc you will ever try in your life, this is the one! Sauvignon blanc’s natural birthplace is in fact Bordeaux where they make super sauvignon-semillon blends, the style our own Margaret River emulates and often does a darn fine job! However, the epicentre capital of the universe for sauvignon blanc is the Loire Valley. Within that epicentre is an iconic world-famous sub region called Pouilly Fumé which produces some of the most alluring and seductive sauvignon blanc that you can wrap your lips around.

For centuries here they have been perfecting the production of this master grape. In fact, sauvignon blanc is such an old grape, it is a parent of the world’s most planted grape cabernet sauvignon, hence its sauvignon surname; the other parent for cabernet sauvignon being cabernet franc, which accounts for the first part of its name.

All history aside, from your first sip of this prestige Pouilly Fumé, you will enter a hypnotic state! It harmoniously melds apricots, peaches and cream, and throws in a dash of lychees for good measure. It is smooth, textured and lush. It has a subtle, almost prefumey thing going on that catches you from behind when you’re not paying attention. At some point you realise there’s still a trace of fruit hanging around your Adam’s apple long after your last sip has passed. It just keeps hanging on for dear life! A blessing to all wine lovers! This has a heap more texture than typically seen in Oz and Kiwi examples. Chardonnay lovers may come to the other side with this wine, as it shares much of its graces with the fine white Burgundies of the world. We drank this alongside a prawn pasta with a garlic, butter and white wine sauce, and a hint of chilli (click for recipe). A beautiful marriage!

Popsy & JJ tasted and food matched April 2021


We used a Burgundy glass as this particular wine simply drank better out of it. So, go with your buds!


This prestige Pouilly Fumé is expected to peak 2021-2024 but can live for several more years in the bottle. It depends on how you prefer to drink it. Drinking earlier means a bit more zip in the sip, drinking later will add more textural feel and some notes of honied melon.
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Popsy says

Pouilly Fumé is the sauvignon mecca of the world, and this example showcases its more viscous texture, unique fruit structure and striking perfume. There is nothing quite like it elsewhere. And you can even cellar it for a couple of years to add further complexity. It is a must try!

JJ says

Knowing that the Loire Valley is the home of sauvignon this one I had high expectations on, and it did not disappoint. You must put this in your cart.

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