Dario Coos Sauvignon Friuli DOC 2018

Italian Sauvignon Blanc at Popsy & JJ in Australia

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Friuli is the 'Mecca' of sauvignon blanc in Italy. This example is textured more like chardonnay, full bodied, exotic fruit, excellent length. Just superb!

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Dario Coos Sauvignon Friuli DOC 2018

In the north-eastern part of Italy where the Alps border on Austria is a microclimate that produces some striking wines. A sauvignon from Friuli is like nothing else you have tried. Don’t expect the Australian or New Zealand versions of this wine. Reset your mind and your palate! Since the 1800’s wines have been made in this area and it is an area dominated by 5 times more white wine made than red! This sauvignon blanc is the bomb!

The grapes are handpicked and treated with such care that it shows in the wine. The intense straw colour hypnotises you and draws you in while the exotic fruit hits your nose leaving you with only one option. Bloody well drink it!! Dry but such a polished finish with a subtle melon flavour shining through. This is a wine for the lazy long lunch with family and friends. Don’t serve it too cold as the aromas and flavours start to open up as it warms up.

You’ll notice that the texture is far more like that of a chardonnay than a southern hemisphere sauvy ...more viscosity. This is also a no-need-for-a-reflux-pill wine, with none of the high acid you come to associate with Aussie sauvignons. A perfectly made wine with excellent balance and structure. We food matched it with a whole stuffed baby snapper (click for recipe). Foodie heaven!

Popsy & JJ tasted and food matched August 2019


Aromatic style will work just fine but try a Burgundy glass if you’re into experiments like us. We found the structure of the wine suited it really well.


Drink now but would definitely develop for another 2 or 3 years if you forget you own them!
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Everyone must try a Friuli white before they leave this earth. This one is all class!
This special sauvignon from Italy gave me a newfound love for this amazing grape!

Try it with...

Yellow seafood curry

Char grilled octopus with garlic and olive oil

Whole stuffed golden snapper with fennel, chilli and garlic

Butter prawn curry

Char grilled quail with butter and thyme

Barramundi fillet with crispy skin