La Perrière Touraine Sauvignon 2018

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A very special wine from Loire Valley, the most famous sauvignon blanc producing region on Earth. Baked peach, lychees, passionfruit, and elegant floral hints. Loire savvy has a little less acid and is a bit more textural than your typical Southern Hemisphere savvy. These savvies can blossom with 6 or more years of age and often have the rich fruit structure to develop a few more layers. French summer in a bottle!

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La Perrière Touraine Sauvignon 2018

This is nothing like your standard NZ or Tassie sauv blanc. The Loire version has a typically more viscous texture and an alluring, elegant perfume. This example is all that and pure as the driven snow. If you’ve never tasted a fair dinkum Loire sauvignon, this is your chance to do it without breaking the bank.

You get baked peach, lychees, passionfruit, and elegant floral hints on the nose. On the palate are lychees and stone fruit, and it just seems to linger on and on and on.... The mercury like texture also blows you away and you would swear there must be some oak treatment yet there isn’t. Just meticulous care by the 4th generation owner operators, the odd stirring of lees during vinification and some Loire Valley know-how and voila - you have some serious liquid!

This beautiful wine washed down some BBQ calamari (click for recipe) in our tasting which was like a dream you didn’t want to wake up from! Against all logic, we tried this in both a Burgundy glass against the traditional aromatic glass and the Burgundy glass was the winner. Somehow the texture and perfume just fared better in it, so what do you know? We just keep learning on the run because we’re wine nuts! And every wine is a different beast so to speak.

Popsy & JJ tasted and food matched June 2021


Aromatic glass or try it in a Burgundy glass like we did and witness the magic!


Have now or wait another few years for some more layers if you have the patience!
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Popsy says

Loire is the epicentre of sauvy, and if you haven’t tried one yet, look no further!

JJ says

Love my sauvy and this one did not disappoint! History met fruit met wine making expertise. I found it hard to take my lips off the glass.

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BBQ calamari

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