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Producers story

Domaine Fourrey is a family estate set on 20 hectares with 18 hectares in production in the heart of Chablis.

The estate has been passed down through fourth generation. Since 1992 Jean-Luc has been the head winemaker after completed his studies in Lycée de Beaune, where he obtained a degree in winemaking. Marie- José, Jean-Luc’s sister, heads up the commercial side of this artisan winery.

The wine-making combines the traditions of yesteryear with the modern techniques of today in order to uncover the local characteristic of the Chardonnay grape.

The quality of a wine has always depended on the combination of vine and terroir (the soil and conditions in which the vines are grown). The cultivation and care of the vines is therefore the key to obtaining grapes of high quality.

Working methods and philosophies have changed, so Jean-Luc uses innovative ways of improving the winegrowing operations.

They begin testing for ripeness a fortnight prior to harvest, analysing the samples taken from test plots and tasting some of the grapes. By monitoring in this way, they are able to harvest each plot at just the right moment.

The grapes are harvested mechanically and then tipped into a bin with a corkscrew-shaped feeder. They use two types of pressing, mechanical pressing and pneumatic pressing. The juices then drain out by means of the force of gravity and then the juice goes down into vats for settling. It is then allowed to settle for between 18 and 24 hours after filling. Once the fermentation is finished, less than 4g per litre of residual sugars remain and then it is necessary to fill the vat to prevent the wine from oxidising. The wine is allowed to cool to around 10 degrees, and then around mid-November its temperature is suddenly increased (20°C) in order to set off malolactic fermentation. The wine is then finished, it is left to clarify naturally, and then the first racking is carried out.

During the first racking the wine are degassed (consists of removing a little of the CO2 dissolved during fermentations), they are exposed to oxygen to allow the aromas develop. Usually a small quantity of fine lees is added for the maturation.

After 3 weeks to one month the refined wine, which is then properly clarified, is ready for the next stage. It is necessary for it to be cooled (-3 to -4°C) in order to precipitate the crystals. The wine is then filtered to remove these crystals; the wine can thus travel under extreme conditions.

Domaine Fourrey is a true artisan vineyard and Popsy & JJ are proud to bring these special wines to your table.

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Domaine Fourrey Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2017
Domaine Fourrey Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2017
Could this be the best value French Burgundy on sale in Australia? Supple, silky smooth pinot with a gorgeous rainbow of strawberry, cherry, and earth. Suddenly you realise the whole bottle has gone!
$58.00  RRP
Domaine Fourrey Chablis 2018
Domaine Fourrey Chablis 2018
Simply superb chardonnay made in the chardonnay capital of the planet! It exudes stone fruit, equisite texture and minerality so unique to the iconic Chablis region!
$62.00  RRP
Domaine Fourrey Premier Cru Chablis 'Cote de Lechet' 2018
Domaine Fourrey Premier Cru Chablis 'Cote de Lechet' 2018
Mesmerising chardonnay from the village that invented it! Beaming with melon and that world famous minerality that only iconic Chablis can produce. Our best ever price on this wine - for 7 days only!!
$76.00  RRP